Who We Are
This crew began its life within the TRMN as Her Majesty’s Pinnace Roland-One, with the gracious and kind support of our friends aboard the destroyer, HMS Roland. We applied for and transferred our command to the battlecruiser Artemis in 2014.  We continued to serve aboard Artemis until we grew in size large enough to necessitate a larger vessel.  In November 2015, we transferred over to the superdreadnought, HMS Medusa.
Since our commissioning, Medusa has served as the flagship of the Talbott Fleet (10th Naval District), which is an association of chapters residing along the Pacific coast of the United States (California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia, Alaska, and Hawai’i). Medusa is a member of Task Group 91.1, which represents the state of California with six other units.
Class & Specifications
Class: Roland-class Destroyer
Mass: 188,560 tons
Dimensions (m): Length:
Acceleration (g): 590 G
(780 G maximum)
Broadside: 20M, 10L, 15G, 54CM
Chase: 12M, 4L, 4G
What We Do
HMS Medusa stands for many ideals, the foremost of which is to have fun! We love pursuing our passions in many fields of interest, from amateur radio operations to military history on all levels of fandom from attending meetings and visiting new and exciting places around the San Francisco Bay Area to cosplaying at local conventions or visiting distant cities to meet up with other members of The Royal Manticoran Navy.
As a group we’re here to help you succeed in pursuing your passion, so tell us how we can help and we’ll do our best! You can drop us a note to let us know that you’re interested in signing aboard Medusa!
Event Photos

HonorCon 2015

Our CO, CDRE Michael Garcia, and CDR Sonja Theide of HMS Wolf enjoying themselves before the Awards Ceremony at HonorCon 2015 in Raleigh, NC.

SS Jeremiah O'Brien

Crew visit to SS Jeremiah O’Brien, the last original Liberty ship that served during World War II.

BayCon 2014

PVT Jon Sung “captures” CAPTSG Sir Thomas Marrone in his undercover persona at BayCon.

Military Vehicle Technology Foundation

CAPTSG Sir Thomas Marrone and CDRE Zach Perkins get a feel for one of the WW2 tanks at the MVTF.

BayCon 2014

Sir Thomas meets with a Commander in EarthForce (“Babylon 5”).

SS Jeremiah O'Brien

CDRE Zach Perkins standing on the foredeck of the SS Jeremiah O’Brien.

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